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John A. Flores, MBA


John A. Flores was born into a migrant family that traveled throughout California, Oregon and Idaho picking and planting all types of crops through his teenage years along with the hundreds of migrants that made their living under the hot sun of summer and the cold foggy and rainy days of winter.

Being together day and night with other migrant families, it was only natural that his first language was Spanish which he learned to read, write and speak before enrolling in the first grade in the small community called “La Colonia” near the small city of Shafter, California.

During those migrant years, the author would join his father and other workers around the campfire in the evenings after the day’s work and evening meal and listen as they shared stories of the day’s work or other life experiences. Many times, their conversation consisted of short comments that would draw laughter and other short comments from others with the same results. 

This was the author’s introduction to dichos! The author would write down the dichos, not knowing what they really meant, and then when he was alone with his father, his father would explain the meaning behind those few words.

Voltaire once wrote that “I don’t have the time to write you a short letter so I ‘m writing you a long one”. This is the intent of a dicho!  In the speaking of a few words, the person stating the dicho would share a thought would take paragraphs and maybe pages to fully explain the meaning of these few words.

The author began accumulating dichos at this early age and when the word got out that he was collecting them, the other migrant workers working alongside his family begin contributing to his collection that ultimately resulted in the author writing a book on the dichos he learned during his lifetime. He thanks those friends and immediate family that kept asking when he would write a book which he finally did! The author has been fortunate in being able to travel worldwide and visiting many Spanish-Speaking countries allowing him to accumulate over 7,000 dichos to date.

The author has written 3 books and has spoken to thousands over the years using humorous graphics of some of his dichos to make a point regarding the subject matter being discussed. 

He still continues to make presentations to community groups and parents, using dichos, to address the importance of their children receiving an education and the parent’s role under the LCAP requirements of the State of California.

John A. Flores, MBA

John A. Flores, MBA

Commentary on Dichos

 Dichos, as part of the Latino culture is slowly becoming the “forgotten language” among many of our adult and especially our children of today’s world.

Yet, dichos have been the humor and wisdom that have been shared by many of our parents and grandparents when we were growing up. These dichos that were communicated to me and my generation were not only humorous, but also brought guidance and levity to our personal situations.

Each Dichos y Dichos book brings to the reader more than 400 proverbs plus 32 humorous graphics, in Spanish and English, that help bring “life” and “meaning” to everyday situations.

Hopefully, you will visit our website or call us so that you as an educator, parent or student, can help re-kindle the interest in what is an important and rich part of our Latino culture.

Your Amigo,

John A. Flores, Author




Dear Readers:

With the re-initiation of my Dicho Newsletter, I want to dedicate my newsletters on the dichos I’ve selected and the words of wisdom they convey to my son David, who recently passed away into the arms of the Good Lord. He was a delight to be around and was very helpful in translating hundreds of the dichos from Spanish to English contained within the 3 books that I’ve published. I also want to share with you that my other sons, John Jr. and Richard, plus my wife Bitta were also instrumental in not only the publishing of my books, but also in getting the DichoyDichos Newsletter to all of you! 

Thank you and enjoy!


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