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John A. Flores, MBA

The author, in his youth, as a member of a migrant farmworker family, was surrounded by other migrant Mexican families throughout this early period in his life.  It was only natural that his first language was Spanish and he learned to speak, read and write in Spanish at a very young age and prior to enrolling in the first grade in the small community named “La Colonia," just outside of Shafter, California.

During these migrant years, as they traveled throughout the San Joaquin Central Valley and Oregon and Idaho working the many different crops, i.e., onions, potatoes, cotton, grapes, cherries, peaches, almonds, etc., the male migrant workers would often gather around a campfire in the evenings and share stories of their day’s work or other events and experiences in life.  The author would listen to them converse with short comments that would draw laughter followed by other short comments from others with the same result.  Later, his father, would explain what these short comments meant that would bring laughter and other short comments from others.

This was the author’s introduction to the World of Dichos!

Over the years, with his worldwide travels to over 63 countries, he was able to visit many Spanish-Speaking countries such as Spain, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Columbia, Peru and Central America and thus able to accumulate, to date, over 7,000 Dichos.

The author has written three books and has spoken to thousands over the years using humorous graphics of some of his Dichos to make a point regarding the subject matter being discussed.

He still continues to make presentations to community groups, schools and organizations using Dichos and humorous graphics of Dichos to address the importance of their son and daughters receiving an education.  

John A. Flores, MBA

John A. Flores, MBA

Commentary on Dichos

Dichos, as part of the Hispanic culture, is slowly becoming the “forgotten language” among many of our adult population and especially the children of today’s world.

Yet, Dichos have been the humor and wisdom that have been shared among Hispanics for many centuries over many a meal or conversations among our parents and grandparents as we were growing up. These Dichos that were communicated to me and my generation were not only humorous, but also brought guidance and levity to our personal situations.

Voltaire was wrote: “I don’t have the time to write you a short letter so I’m going to write you a long one”. That is the world of Dichos….a few words that convey a lot of wisdom and thought that too often would take a paragraph, a page or even a book to fully explain the meaning behind those few words.

Hopefully, you will visit my website and communicate with me regarding your interest as an educator, parent, student or just interested party in knowing more about the World of Dichos and what services are provided.

Currently, the author does presentations to schools with the LCAP requirement of involving and keeping parents informed as to their child’s options, curriculum, etc. that can help further their education beyond the grade school level.

Until next time……………..

Your Amigo,

John A. Flores, Author




Dear Readers:

With the re-initiation of my Dichos Newsletter, I want to dedicate these weekly Dichos that I’ve selected and share with you the wisdom and humor they convey to my son David, who recently passed away into the arms of the Good Lord.

He passed away at the age of 58 years and 18 days…..years before his time.

He had a “Big Heart” and he was a delight to be around with his great personality and willingness to always lend an ear or helping hand to friends and strangers throughout his life.  He also was very helpful with the translation from Spanish to English of the many Dichos that are contained within the three books I’ve written and published.

I also want to acknowledge my other two sons, John Jr. and Richard and especially my wife Bitta who were instrumental in not only the development and publishing of my books, but also in getting the weekly DichoyDichos Newsletter to all of you!

Thank you and enjoy a great new world of communication!

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