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John A. Flores, MBA has been collecting "dichos" for most of his entire life. From the migrant farm workers that harvested crops along with his family throughout California and Idaho to the many Hispanics that have come across his life, contributions to these "dichos" in his books were slowly gathered. Many persons contributed to these "dichos" through the years with the many thousands of conversations that were sprinkled with "dichos" that he was able to hear. In other cases, those that were aware that the author was gathering "dichos" wrote them on many types of writing materials and held on to them until they were able to personally give them to him. The "dichos" in the book are a link to a rich and proud past of a language that is part of the Hispanic culture, now and in the generations to come.
Mr. Flores currently lives with his family in Fresno, California. He operates several other businesses and is working on four more volume of Dichos that will be published in the months to come.

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